The general world

This is my very first blog and in my first blog i would like to tell you whats the general world is all about.
In todays time people are not really happy by others victory instead they get jealous by doing this we forget the real meaning of life which is to stay happy no matter what!😁
We are normal people and should live like normal people no one is big or small in this world we all are creations of GOD .
God created us all with a similar thinking and what we are doing is completely opposite his thoughts. We all want to generate a living in this world but it is wrong to judge people on the basis of money they generate.
We are all same here.
We all work to generate a living. We all do our routine courses for money. We all care for our loved ones the whole purpose of living is the same for everyone. Then why do we judge people?
We need to change this thinking of superiority. We are all the same💕


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