My question is is love a holy or hurtful?
I dont think so because you dont hurt people you love. Being in love is like a punishment you give to yourself evryday and you are not even guilty.
Some also say being in love is the best feeling. I dont think so thats my opinion. I mean i believe in love but not shit like pehla nasha pehla kumaar😂


Like this i really dont get this shit now.
I mean why stress over someone who wont even text you first?
We have to understand that life goes on whether that person is with us or not.
That person will hurt you. Ignore you. Let you feel alone. Let you feel unwanted. But no, you’ll still see the good in them thats what love does to you. You are not able to see the truth that others are able to.

Because you love blindly!

The problem is we think they will change,they will not!
We have to leave someday or the other if they hurt you once shame on them but if you give them another chance shame on you!
You are at fault then it took me years to understand this. May be i still dont get it and will never be able to😌


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